ApiraSol Food Security Suite - Discover and Map Illicit Food Supply Chains

What is ApiraSol Food Security Suite?

ApiraSol Food Security Suite is a platform and consulting service that reimagines how to fight food fraud.

Food Security Suite rapidly maps illicit supply chains using open source intelligence and avoiding the high costs and risk of unnecessary physical investigations.

Food Security Suite collects and analyzes intelligence related to the physical flow of food ingredients, food products and packaging.

Food Security Suite: Online and Offline Intelligence Combined

Our holistic approach to intelligence collection enables us to reveal the missing links connecting different stages of illicit supply chains. We screen ingredients producers and their links to end-product manufacturers. We also study the physical flow of primary packaging and are able to identify risks that are not visible only by assessing a final product, be it online or physically.


What are brand owners and enforcement authorities doing with ApiraSol Food Security Suite?

  • Identify largest ingredient producers connected to a trademark, company or retailer

  • Confirm whether an infringing manufacturer, shipper or consignee is active and what are the volumes and quantities they trade

  • Identify Organic Fraud

  • Origin Fraud

  • Expiry dates adulteration

  • Screen third-party producers

  • Map the links between online listings, shippers and consignees

Food Fraud Intelligence

  • Ingredients, Additives, Colorants

  • Primary Packaging, Bottles

  • Outer Packaging

  • Additives, Colorants

  • Bulk Food Shipments

What signals do we monitor in suspicious Food Shipments?

  • Suspicious Shippers

  • Suspicious Consignees

  • Low Prices / KGs Ratios

  • Suspicious Ingredients and Components

  • Trade of Bulk Food Products

  • Origin vs. Geographical Indication

  • Contact details blacklisted with Online Monitoring