Online Brand Protection

Monitor online sales of finished products, packaging, components and bulk products

Personal Consulting in Europe in most European languages
Web-interface specially designed to monitor counterfeits, tampered products and grey marketing
Early detection of the newest counterfeit versions and counterfeit indicators, enabling the investigation of sources of production
Advanced categorization of leads, allowing you to focus on specific types of infringement, sellers, brands or rules
Learning technology: our software reduces the number of false-positives based on brand owner feedback
Easily assign tasks to investigators and lawyers with 1-click job requests

What platforms do we monitor?

ApiraSol monitors virtually any platform or website that provides intelligence or information related to counterfeit activities that affect your brand.

This includes B2B & B2C platforms, social networks, replica stores found via organic search, etc. Our search is done by crawling technologies developed 100% in-house. BP Suite saves evidence of online infringements in any original language (e.g. Mandarin, Russian) and automatically translates and keeps screenshots in English (or in your corporate language if preferred). We complement crawling with manual searches, looking into fine details that software cannot recognize.

Advanced categorization taylored
to your industry

Our web-interface displays leads categorized according to types of infringement using different colors and simplifying review and follow-up. The categories used to classify monitoring results are customized to meet the needs of your industry and to allow our clients to review results faster.

Web reporting customised to meet the specific needs of brand owners

Reporting that prioritizes investigation targets and is customized for each brand owner