Parallel Trade Monitoring

Parallel imports are brand owners' most silent competitors: their own brand. They chop profit margins, confuse consumers and can represent safety issues. The first step to mitigate the effects of parallel trade is to discover those networks as early as possible.

ApiraSol PTM is the fastest way to discover parallel trade, focusing on the largest cases and identifying the suspects involved. We quantify historic parallel trade damage for every network, using objective data and suggesting concrete actions to deter them.


Who of your partners are shipping products outside of their market?

Who are the importers trading with them?

What were the quantities and valuation of the products traded?


  • Importation of products prior to official launch in a specific market

  • Importation of products from a market with a lower price or where traders obtained the products avoiding local taxes

  • Health & Safety issues resulting from the Importation of products with specifications for a different market

What signals do we monitor?

  • Suspicious Shipper Company Names

  • Low FOB / KGS ratios

  • Largest Shipments not involving a trusted local branch

  • Specific suspicious routes


  • Cluster Graphs visualising entire parallel trade supply chains

  • Spreadsheets with Historic import records, quantities and monetized values

  • Copies of all relevant B/Ls

  • Executive Report and Recommendations