ApiraSol Supermarket Monitoring

Supermarket Monitoring is oriented to Brand Owners and Trade associations interested in getting a quick overview of potential IP infringements and unfair competition practices relating to the products offered by local supermarkets around the world.

This tool is an excellent complement to Online Monitoring and Shipments Monitoring, as many illicit products change their appearance or nature as they move down the supply chain. Such infringements may not be possible to detect online or by customs officers.

Fast-moving consumer goods are often transported or imported without a TM or even with a TM hidden under another product component. Other counterfeit products may be imported in bulk and then get a TM in "the last mile", just before entering the point of sale. This "black hole" of Online Monitoring and Customs Checks makes monitoring of the actual retailers all the more important.

ApiraSol Supermarket Monitoring is a quick and cost-effective tool, as it relies on publicly available data about current product offerings from supermarkets.

ApiraSol Supermarket Monitoring

  • Monitor the most important Supermarkets or POS in over 40 countries

  • One-time analysis or continued monitoring

  • Receive alarms and recommendations

  • Book this package to supply intelligence to our Online Monitoring and Shipments Monitoring Solutions or provide a one-off report