Customs Seizures Intelligence

Monitoring infringing entities and products involved in historic customs seizures is a key starting point for any supply intelligence project.

This type of research gives investigators entity names to work with as a starting point to analyze customs data and supply chains. It also provides a footprint of the typical route, ports, mis-declarations and re-incidence behaviour of certain groups of infringers.

ApiraSol captures every seizure record related to products detained in China and intended for export. We also track the port authority, the infringing entity and calculate data such as re-incidence (the amount of times one company had its products detained, with one brand).

Customs Seizures Intelligence Database

Historic seizures analysis is key to supply chain intelligence:

Simply monitoring customs records and searching by brand name, product or HS code is a rather superficial approach
Smarter infringers will mis-declare products in shipping records
Investigating entity names is often the only way to uncover illicit supply chains
Brand owner A might have had no seizures in China at all or no seizures with a particular entity
However, by analyzing competitor brands and their historic seizures, brand owners can learn who are the infringers in their industry sector, identify common importers, and even collaborate with each other

ApiraSol analysts and clients benefit from a tool that can quickly generate seizures reports for particular brands and sectors: