Supply Chain Intelligence

Uncover illicit supply chains by investigating public shipment records and online intelligence, focusing on large commercial targets.

We proactively suggest physical investigations at origin and destination.

Please check our interactive map to see what countries have public customs data and more details such as time range and modes of transport covered.

What patterns can be identified with Shipments Monitoring?

Cluster Analysis with ApiraSol Shipments Monitoring Suite

ApiraSol Cluster Analysis helps to uncover hidden relationships between suspicious companies, be it via contact details, physical addresses or due to a trade relationship (importer, producer, consignee, etc.).

Ranking Reports with ApiraSol Shipments Monitoring Suite

Track the largest exporters and importers of specific products and HS codes. Exclude trusted entities and focus on the largest suspicious and more suspicious traders.

Trends Matrix Reports with ApiraSol Shipments Monitoring Suite