Tobacco illicit trade - Capturing enforcement events globally, via a single interface

Insights and trends from enforcement news

A unique interface that captures Enforcement News and Metrics

Capture local news about seizures, detentions, raids
Web-interface with structured and translated data
Dashboard with metrics per country, brand, type of incident and more.
Downloadable reports
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Web-interface that captures and translates structured data on tobacco enforcement incidents:

Related countries
Notes from our consultants

Web-reports with metrics by country, brand, type of enforcement and more

Enforcement data that shapes your investigations strategy

Discover trends in illicit trade that are not visible with investigations of customs data. Get insights from detentions that you are not being notified as you are not the brand owner or for cases where only your regional colleagues have been notified.

Typical questions that our reports help to answer

For detentions in a given country, what are the typical related countries, due to origin, truck of transport driver, language of products, destination?
What brands are detained in a certain country and are there any changes in the mode of transport or regions with increased detentions?
What are the trends for different products such as HNB, vaping or conventional tobacco? 
Is there enforcement with manufacturing or rather during transport in a given region?
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