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Global Trade of Diabetes Care Devices and Supplies

Investigating Counterfeiting, Product Diversion and Sub-standard Trade

With increasing sedentary lifestyles, the market for diabetes care devices grows almost 10% every year, attracting counterfeiters and criminals. Counterfeit diabetes care devices do not meet safety and quality standards, putting the health and safety of patients with diabetes at risk.
Falsified devices, glucose meters, test strips, insulin and other supplies can provide inaccurate readings, leading to incorrect dosing of insulin or intake of contaminated medications. This can result in poorly managed blood glucose levels and potential health complications.

ApiraSol has investigated this global phenomenon, identifying key origin countries, risky importers and the routes and modus operandi. The report below does not reveal entity names and brands affected, but a more extensive version can be shared with brand owners upon request.

Diabetes care devices shipments

Top origins of suspicious diabetes care devices

Top destinations of diabetes care devices (trusted and suspicious)

Suspicious diabetic care devices (product categories)

Trade of illicit diabetes care devices and supplies is massive, spread in every continent and affecting every single major brand.

Supply Chain Intelligence helps track the routes and entity names used by counterfeiters and parallel-traders.

The analysis of  trading behavior uncovers patterns, transport companies and weak points of these criminal groups. This intelligence is typically followed by test-purchases, covert enquiries and later, by alerts to health and enforcement authorities.

Global route map of diabetic care devices

Large or small fish?

A key goal of supply chain intelligence is to help prioritize targets, so that both the brand owner and enforcement authorities can use their limited resources efficiently. 

USA importers of diabetic care devices


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