ApiraSol POSINT - Point of Sale Intelligence Suite

Capture and Manage Product Intelligence from Multiple Retailers

ApiraSol POSINT globally monitors retailers, identifying fraud risks directly at the point of sale. We visit supermarkets and shops and capture intelligence that can be instantly shared with brand owners and enforcement authorities via the ApiraSol POSINT interface.

Profit from constant visibility over product risks at retailer points.

Monitor Supermarkets and Points of Sale around the World

  • Manufacturing and Expiry Dates, Batch Codes

  • Authenticate Products via 3rd Party Authentication Technologies

  • Recalled Products

  • Counterfeit Products

  • Tampered Products and Physical Appearance

  • Capture Photo Evidence

Aggregated Intelligence

  • Discover geographical areas with higher risks

  • Learn top points of sale sorted by risk factors

  • Know where and how your products are made available to consumers

  • Quickly Request Test-purchases