Countries with Visible Shipment Records

Click on any country on the interactive map to see what data is available for that country. ApiraSol can access cross-border trade records in multiple countries.

In many countries, we can access data for any mode of transport (air, sea and land). Often, we are able to track historic records going back several years.
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How do we monitor cross-border trade going to Western Europe if there is no public data there?
How do we track products leaving China?

ApiraSol uses multiple legitimate sources of intelligence to analyze trade in countries that have no public customs data. Whether you are investigating German imports, Chinese exports or activity within free-trade zones, ApiraSol addresses your specific needs by analyzing any available source of intelligence, providing you not only with data, but also insights. To learn how we can monitor air and sea freight in any country in the world, please contact us.

Using Shipment Intelligence to intercept illicit products before they arrive at their destination

The data sets shown in the interactive map are related to historic customs records.
The products involved in these records would have already crossed customs into their destination countries. If we rely only on this data, it would not be possible to react rapidly and coordinate detention of illicit products. ApiraSol therefore combines historic records with other legitimate intelligence that allows us to predict future shipments.
We create alerts for shipments that will happen in the near future, helping enforcement authorities and brand owners to increase seizures and radically improve their risk analyses.

How does ApiraSol know if a Shipment is suspicious?

Often, trademarks are not mentioned in bills of lading. For instance, personal care products are declared as “personal items” or “garbage”. In other cases, the correct trademark is visible and there is nothing suspicious in the product descriptions.
Our experience tells us that illicit trade always leaves an OSINT (open-source intelligence) footprint. We study multiple factors such as low prices, mixes of brands in one container, unusual routes, changes in reported shipper names, ports, quantities, keywords and contact details.
ApiraSol interviews product experts from within brand owner and government organizations to define multiple risk-rules. We identify new investigation targets and also track shipment data for our clients’ targets and products. With ApiraSol Supply Chain Suite, we run Shipment monitoring projects together with our clients, allowing us to capture knowledge across our clients' brand protection organizations.