ApiraSol SM Suite - Shipments Monitoring Suite

Why is the monitoring of shipments important?

Shipments Monitoring is a necessary complement to online monitoring programs. While online monitoring focuses on the identification and enforcement of illicit online offers, Shipments Monitoring identifies the physical routes of counterfeit, parallel-trade and diverted products. In recent years, customs authorities of various countries have implemented systems that make shipment records publicly available.

Please check our interactive map to see what countries have public customs data and more details such as time range and modes of transport covered.

There are also new tools from 3rd party providers that offer access to data-sets from different countries, at varying levels of detail and cost. ApiraSol SM Suite is a set of tools and consulting package that combines Shipment records from multiple data providers. We analyze those data-sets and identify illicit patterns and valuable intelligence.

What patterns can be identified with Shipments Monitoring?

Depending on the country chosen and the nature of the infringements we can identify:

  • Grey-Market: official distributors / retailers re-selling genuine products to traders outside their designated regions. This also applies to Duty-free companies (as long as they trade in their name in Bills of Lading)

  • Suspicious Routes (destination): Shipments going to countries where you thought there was no market at all or where you have no distributors

  • Suspicious Routes (origin): shipments coming from countries where you do not manufacture and do not have distributors. This could be a signal for counterfeit production. Or it may suggest that that country is a grey-market hub

  • Give more meaning to Online Monitoring Programs: cross-check the biggest importers against online leads.

  • Identify the names of companies that are importing and exporting and the size of individual shipments (in kg), the monetary value declared in the Bill of Lading, the dates, and the transport companies involved (not all countries provide all these details)

  • Investigate who your biggest partners are sourcing from and what other brands they are trading

  • Suspicious Supply: If you work with 3rd party manufacturers of your products, check whether they are providing your products directly to POS, without going through your formal Supply Chain

Cluster Analysis with ApiraSol Shipments Monitoring Suite

ApiraSol Cluster Analysis helps to uncover hidden relationships between suspicious companies, be it via contact details, physical addresses or due to a trade relationship (importer, producer, consignee, etc.).

Ranking Reports with ApiraSol Shipments Monitoring Suite

Trends Matrix Reports with ApiraSol Shipments Monitoring Suite